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New & Used Computer Sales and Service



Nivek Computers is part of the Nivek Group, becoming an All Inclusive IT Provider to the Small Business and Advanced Users. Nivek Computers will be offering sales and support of new computers, assist with the purchase of a used computers and helping with repairing of your computers. We will be bringing to you on weekly basis some tips and tricks of your computer use and more! Be sure to visit this website on a regular basis to make sure that you stay in the know.

New Computer Sales

Nivek Computers is still in the process of becoming a Dell Premier Partner! Once this is complete, we will able to order most computer and server builds at rate lower than MSRP and Retail!

Nivek Computers is officially an Authorized Partner of Lenovo computers and servers. This means that Nivek Computers can order and sell to you and your team any Lenovo Laptop, Desktop or Monitor at rates that are much lower than MSRP and Retail!

There is always the custom built computers! Nivek Computers does not particularly like custom built computers; however, we will make sure you are connected to the right teams of Computer Hardware Specialists to help you select the proper parts and will  support your final decision.

Please note that Nivek Computers is still in the process of forming further partnerships with other Computer Manufactures and Local Resellers to help bring the best options to you! Feel free to reach out to Nivek Computers for referrals and suggestions as we only want you to receive the best!

Used Computer Sales

At this time, Nivek Computers does not have any stock of used computers. Check back soon as we will have some listed very soon! In the meantime, you can always email a request of what you are in the market for, Nivek Computers will assist in locating the best used computer for you!

Computer Repair & Support Services

Hardware Repair
and Support

Nivek Computers is able to repair most common hardware failures onsite at the location of the computer. By performing the repair onsite, this will help minimize any downtime that the user may experience resulting in more productivity for your team!


Software Maintenance
and Support

Nivek Computers is able to remotely connect to a Windows and/or an Apple MacOS Computer or Server to offer quick resolution and more productivity time for the team!

Remote Monitoring
& Management
with Preventive Maintenance

Nivek Computers in partnership with Nivek IT has partnered with NinjaRMM and SplashTop to be able to perform Remote Monitoring and Management of a computer along with performing Preventive Maintenance tasks and the necessary updates.

There is a lot more to come for Nivek Computers! Please check back the first part of September 2020 as this part of the group should be (nearly) completed by then!